Catching up with news.

Grace for the meal.

Walter Pfister chats with Oswald Zobrist, (Grandpa of) Linda & Katrine.

The Buffet.

The buffet girls... Miriam, Katrine, Linda, and Aimee.

Becky Keller and Hilda Ryan.

Esther Payne, Lois Gable, Marieanne Crossman, Heidi Guzman.

Bratwurst are de Rigeur for August 1st.

Katia Keller, and Aimee and Christina Gable, and (their Grandpa) Ted Crossman.

Marieanne Crossman and Carol Peterson.

Becca Payne

Becky Keller

Daniel Payne

Esther Payne

Heidi Guzman

Marius, visiting with the Paynes from Switzerland

Philip Keller

Becca Payne and Katia Keller.
The Unspunnen Stein Rock-Throwing contest is an annual favorite.

August First Celebration

at Bruno & Becky Keller's

August 1, 2004

Waxhaw, North Carolina

Photos furnished by Bruno Keller. We selected the ones that came out best -- sorry if we didn't get everyone in a picture!

For more information on the Swiss Believers in the Carolinas, contact: Bruno Keller <> or
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