Swiss Supper with Walter Donzé

February 1, 2004 we met at the Crossman's and Gable's châlet in Waxhaw for a Swiss Supper.
While the kids played and some petted the dog, others went to the barn to see the Swiss goats. Hilda gave a hand at trimming Edelweiss's hooves.

The supper consisted of a buffet of Birchermüsli, spätzli, onion casserole, salads, bread and cheese, and of course, lots of great desserts!

We caught up on each other's lives.

Oswald Zobrist shows Bill Henry where he is from in Switzerland.

Hans Moser visiting with Paul-André Eicher, who was visiting from Lausanne. Mr. Eicher is director of the Geneva Bible Society.

Oswald is celebrating his 78th birthday in two days!
Our special guests were Walter and Elsbeth Donzé from Frutigen, Switzerland. Mr. Donzé is a member of the Swiss National Council (comparable to the House of Representatives in the USA). They are on the way to the National Prayer Breakfast with President Bush in Washington DC. He is the Director of the MSD Mission based in Frutigen in the Berner Oberland and was formerly Mayor of Frutigen. Currently he is acting President of the Swiss Civil Defense Association, President of TEAR and President of ICA in Switzerland.
Mr. Donzé shared with us a bit of his life story, and told us about the ministry of MSD in Switzerland. MSD is a mission which distributes Christian evangelistic and discipleship media.
Some folks left early to watch the Super Bowl. The rest of us enjoyed warm fellowship around the table.

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