Swiss National Holiday Party

August 2, 2003

The Swiss Believers in the Carolinas August 1st Swiss National
Holiday celebration was again hosted by Hans Moser at his ranch in
Denton, North Carolina.

Hans calls!
Welcome from the mayor of Denton, NC.

We started off with a rollicking tug-of-war to see who would be the first to
go on the bus tour.

We took a bus tour to see some of the sights near Hans's ranch.

First we visited the war memorial for the local folks who served and died in
the wars.

Next we went to the "Farm Park" which has many historic buildings and is the
home of the annual "Old Threshers Reunion." One of the buildings holds the
antique radio collection of NC State Senator Stan Bingham.

Miriam, Jennifer, and Katrine hang out on the porch of the General Store.

For those who didn't go on the bus tour, there were plenty of other
activites back at the ranch.

Lassoing the block of cement turned out to be harder than everyone thought.

There were missionary presentations by JAARS, SIM, and Rainbows of Hope.

The rock-throwing contest was popular as ever.

Oswald and Goldie Zobrist are the doyens of the group.
 Hilda Ryan

Dinner was a southern "covered dish"
plus Swiss bratwurst.

Hans's neighbor, Roby Loflin,
grilled the bratwurst.

Next it was time for the speeches.

Senator Stan Bingham greeted the group.

Singing the US National Anthem and the Swiss National Hymn.

Hans had a few words to say.

Roy Kelley

In the evening there were fireworks.

Then we lit the Lampions and had a cortège to the bonfire site.

We tried to light the bonfire with some kerosene, but it had rained
earlier, and after the kerosene burned off, the fire went out! It was
a bit disappointing,
but maybe it will still be there next year...

For more information on the Swiss Believers in the Carolinas, contact:
Bruno Keller <> or
Travis Wilson <>