Erste August Fest 2002

This year we again were heartily welcomed to the Moser-Woods Plantation
for another Swiss Believers August 1st celebration at Hans Moser's, Denton,
North Carolina, 3 August 2002.

Candle Welcome by Hans Moser Buns with Swiss flags

Hans welcomed us and described the plans for the evening.


Sitting around the back yard

There was plenty of time to sit around and chat.

 Girls hanging out Playing on the hammock

Boys hanging out Aimee hanging out

The kids enjoyed hanging out.


Loading onto the wagon Riding on the hay

The cows came to look Farmer Hans

Hans took us around to see his ranch.


Dinner bell!!! Buffet

We enjoyed Swiss bratwurst and a great buffet dinner.

Kellers, Gables, Dudecks Eating on the porch

Girls' table Bratwurst


Hans speaking Kids listening

Hans shared some thoughts with us.

Adults listening Hans speaking


Lampion Bonfire wood pile

There were a few Lampions (candle lanterns) lit, and a huge bonfire.
(Sorry, no pictures of the bonfire burning).

Rock-Throwing Contest

Bruno Keller  Ted, Aimee, Linda, Katrine

There were some challengers, but Ted Payne again won the Unspunnen-stein contest
among the men. Katrine Guzman won for the girls and Philip Keller for the boys.

? Keller Girl throwing Katrine Girl throwing Aimee

Boys Littlest thrower Boy throwing

Boy throwing Keller boy ? throwing

For more information on the Swiss Believers in the Carolinas, contact:
Bruno Keller <> or
Travis Wilson <>