Swiss National Holiday Premier Août 2001

August 4, 2001. We met at Moser-Woods Plantation in Denton, North Carolina. Swiss Flag at Moser-Woods

Ranz des Vaches
Hans sings Le Ranz des Vaches -- calling the cows and praising God!
Singing the Simmenthaler Bahn
Everyone joins in a rousing chorus of Uf dr Simmenthaler Bahn...Uhm, oho aha!!!
Guests from Suisse Romande
For the first time we had French-speaking Swiss folk from Lausanne with us.

Blitz the Goat
Blitz the goat.
Hay ride to see the plantation.

Roby Loflin
Welcome and a bit of history from Roby Loflin, Hans's neighbor.
John at the grill
Emu burgers and Bratwurst on the grill.
Eating on the terrace
Lots of fellowship around the tables.

Singing to Aimee
We sang Happy Birthday to Aimee.
Door prize
Miriam Kunz won the door prize, a Swiss watch, for guessing the closest to the number of legs that Hans feeds on his farm plus the number of firewood stacks. (Total 199).

Kurt Niederer
Kurt Niederer gave a speech that drew spiritual parables from events in Swiss history.
Singing the National Hymn
We sang the US national anthem and the Swiss national hymn.
Rock-throwing contest
The Unspunnen-Stein rock-throwing contest.

Evening glow of the Lampions
A fantastic evening.
Great fireworks.

Bonfire glow
A tremendous glow from the...
huge bonfire to close a perfect party.

For more information on the Swiss Believers in the Carolinas, contact:
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