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Drei Königs Tag 2003 Fondue Dinner

January 4, 2003. We returned toTed and Marieanne Crossman and Lois Gable's in Waxhaw, North Carolina for another evening of Swiss Fondue and fun.

"The Châlet on Crossbow"

Lois Gable introduces Edelweiss to Hans Moser, who owns the goat's brother.

Ted and Marieanne Crossman

The "Mixer" was to take an unspecified number of sheets from the roll of toilet paper. Then you had to tell one thing about yourself for each sheet. Kevin Keller took a huge pile, so we all listened while he told all about himself.

The main event was the cheese fondue dinner. Bruno Keller offered thanks.

The surprise special dessert was "Vermicelles" brought from Switzerland. It is made from Maronni (chestnuts) that have been roasted and sweetened. They are pressed through a mold to make little strands that are served over meringues and whipped cream. Prepared by Kevin, Lois, and Esther.

We sang some Christmas songs, especially the ones with German verses.

Hans Moser shared some thoughts about the Swiss heritage in America.

Ted recounted the visit of the Magi to see Jesus on the first Christmas..

The fellowship continues.