Drei Königs Tag 2001

January 6, 2001. We met at Marq & Hilda Ryan-Ribi's in Wingate, North Carolina.


Chatting together
This was a time to get acquainted
with new Swiss friends.
Hans Moser & the Zobrists
Old-timers chatted...

Children making the Dreikönigskoche
While the children made the Dreikönigstagkoche...

Esther helping children
Esther Payne helped the kids do it right.
Licking bowl
The best part!

Tête de Moine cheese!
Tête de Moine cheese must be scraped to
taste right...
Café complet
Swiss lunch is "café complet".

Marq singing We Three Kings
We sang some songs...
Devotional time
Sharing in a time of devotion to our Lord.

Lois Gable reading Epiphany story
Lois read the story of
Epiphany, the visit of the
three Kings.
Hans Moser
Hans shared some books
about the influence of the
Swiss in American History.

For more information on the Swiss Believers in the Carolinas, contact: Bruno Keller <becky-bruno_keller@sil.org> or
Travis Wilson <wilson.travisjames@gmail.com>