Drei Königs Tag 2002 Fondue Dinner

January 6, 2002. This year we met at Ted and Marieanne Crossman and
Lois Gable's "The Châlet on Crossbow" in Waxhaw, North Carolina for
an evening of Swiss Fondue and fellowship.

  The tables were set The Chalet on Crossbow
Lois Gable Lois was in charge of the "mixer" activities... Who can identify the flags of all the cantons, and other Swiss challenges. Linda Guzman We had some show-and-tell. Linda shared her Swiss, Peruvian & African stamp collection. Two trombones, recorder, clarinet
Someday a new Swiss folk orchestra?
Bruno Keller Bruno read the story of the Magi and also the "fourth" king. Katrine Guzman and ? Listeners
Esther Payne and helpers Preparing six or seven pots of fondue requires some big helpers! Hans Moser While it was being prepared, Hans Moser told us about the history of Fondue!
Jorge & Heidi Guzman Jorge stirs the fondue to Heidi's satisfaction... Ted Crossman, Hans Moser, Oswald Zobrist
Ted, Hans, and Oswald.
Salad bar A trip to the salad bar. The girls' table The girls had a table to themselves!
Old-timers chatting
Discussing history of the Swiss in North America.
Sorting the fondue forks Sorting the fondue forks turned out to be quite a challenge! Napkin with cross

For more information on the Swiss Believers in the Carolinas, contact:
Bruno Keller <becky-bruno_keller@sil.org> or
Travis Wilson <wilson.travisjames@gmail.com>