Cantonal flags

Drei Königs Tag

January 6, 2007

This year we had a luncheon at Crossmans' and Gables' lovely Châlet on Crossbow in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

The Châlet on Crossbow
Front door of the Châlet
Bill Henry and Eberhardt Beilharz
Pet dog
Pet duck
Hilda Ryan and Calvin Ma
Hilda Ryan, Esther Payne, Hans Moser
Lois Gable, Becky and Bruno Keller
Miriam Keller
Marieanne Crossman
Our hostess, Marieanne Crossman welcomed us.
Foie gras de canard
Hilda examining foie gras
Aimee Gable and cat
Nancy Henry and dog
Bill & Nancy Henry
Cornelia Beilharz and Miriam Keller
Pam Dudeck, Nancy Henry, John Dudeck

Hans Moser brought a DVD documentary about the mennonite people in Switzerland and the USA.
Hans Moser showing DVD

Kids watching DVD
Hans Moser
Hans Moser
Hans Moser talked to us about the history of the anabaptists in Europe.
Hilda Ryan, Esther Payne, Hans Moser
Hilda wants to know why Hans' knee squeaks!
Flag of Bern
Drei Königs Koche
Drei Königs Koche is the traditional specialty. The person who finds a coin in their piece of cake is king or queen for the day.
Chatting around the table
Chatting around table
Ted Crossman
Ted Crossman shared a meditation on the meaning of Three Kings Day.
Marieanne and Ted Crossman, Erika Ma, Hans Moser, Heidi Guzman
Playing word games in parlor
Deborah and Cornelia Beilharz
Deborah takes her mom, Cornelia, for a walk.
Plaing Spoons
Running down driveway
The kids played a game of Spoons, where the spoons were put at the end of the driveway and they had to race to get them!
Playing Spoons
Swiss soccer ball
Kids eating
Kids eating
Kids sitting and chatting
Kitchen chat
Pam Dudeck, Nancy Henry, Erika Ma
As people arrived we spent some time chatting and getting re-acquainted.
The foie gras de canard (duck liver spread) drew a lot of attention!
The rest of the afternoon was spent in warm conversation.
Weather was exceptionally warm this year, so that we could go outdoors!

For more information on the Swiss Believers in the Carolinas, contact: Bruno Keller <> or
Travis Wilson <>